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burglar bar doors, something you really dont see on every house anymore


*passes blunt


Young Screw

my enemy wants me dead.



“Tell Me Again”Tell me again why we should forgetI see that you haven’t forgotten Pearl Harbor yetTell me again why you say you can’tYou paid everyone else for their time in the campsTell me again why we should ignoreThe many times you said “you’re mama’s a whore”Tell me again why because we fail to seeThe reasons you hung all our men from a treeTell me again why our history you chokedFor chaining us, killing us, suppressing our voteTell me again why we should share your terrorOur enemy’s long been who you see in the mirrorTell me again why you wouldn’t relentFrom calling our ancestors niggers and wenchTell me again why so we’ll understandAnd please with a straight face if you think you canTell me again why those little girls diedFor once tell the truth not another ‘white lie’Tell me again why now that you live in fearIt’s about time you felt what we felt all those yearsTell me again why because we’re not insaneWe know no one’s cornered the market on painTell me again why is it you find?When you cry your tears they are wet just like mineTell me again why, we pray that you tellWhy when we made your heaven you gave us pure hellTell me again why what is your excuseWhy you won’t compensate us for all your abuseTell me again why because our ancestors needTo hear that you’re sorry for your hate and greedTell me again why, why should we forgiveThe ones who detest the mere fact that we liveI’ll tell you why if I may be so boldWe have to forgive you to save our own souls.From the gospel musical “Reaching For Freedom” by Jay Arrington

"Tell me again why we should share your terrorOur enemy’s long been who you see in the mirror”